Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Who’s an entrepreneur? What’s an entrepreneurial firm? What’s a ‘Lean start-up’? In Lean start-ups, the focus is on What does the customer want?’ Our product or service must be so appealing to the customer that they pull the product or service toward themselves’. This is a key difference with other forms of business development that […]

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Thank you for your interest in our program. We are delighted that you are considering studying Arabic Language and the Academic Programs at School of Art & Humanities in Moulay Ismail University. The staff is highly qualified and carefully selected from their rich experience professional, competence, and ability to be attentive to their students’ concerns. If you […]

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mars 19, 2018

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Arabic Courses

Arabic is mother tongue of more than 150 million speakers. Since its earliest appearance as a world language in the seventh century CE. Arabic has been characterized by an opposition between two varieties: a standard language, which occupies a prestige position and is revered as the language of religion, culture and education; and a vernacular language, […]

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mars 18, 2018

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The Orientation is a very important for all new students coming to Meknes. The staff Center give you lots of information you will not find elsewhere. Generally, the orientation takes place in first week before starting the classroom. We will email you the appropriate orientation program well before you leave home, but you can check […]

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mars 17, 2018

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Language Center

The Language Center and Continuous Training (C.L.F.C)  was created by a group of professors and teachers; it was approved by the Board of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in February 2004 and by the University Council in March 2005. The Center is located inside the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Sciences, surrounded by the […]

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mars 17, 2018

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Operations Management

This course introduces the field of operations Management and a state of the art view of the primary activities of the operations function in manufacturing and service organizations. It provides basic principles of designing analyzing; and controlling production systems and the allocation and use of resources to produce goods and services.   Course Description for […]

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avril 10, 2018

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Le comportement organisationnel

Objectifs de la formation : – initier l’apprenant aux mécanismes individuels – initier aux mécanismes interpersonnels – apprendre les mécanismes organisationnels et leurs conséquences sur la communication Programme de la formation proposée : 1. Les mécanismes individuels a. La personnalité b. La perception c. Le style des managers 2. Les mécanismes interpersonnels 1. Le leadership 2. La […]

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